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Since 2013 Supplies for Scholars has served over 4,000 Delaware County students ranging from Kindergarten through 12th grade. To better serve our county, four mobile sites are available in Sunbury, Ashley, Ostrander, and Lewis Center. This year we will be adding the Strengthening Families Store at Willis Education Center to serve families who are unable to attend any of the other events.

Over the years, thousands of dollars in donations have been collected to fill book bags with essential school supplies. We are currently ordering supplies for the coming year and donations through our virtual backpack are needed and would be appreciated! Join the United Way of Delaware County and our community partners as we provide Delaware County children with the resources they need to feel confident and ready to learn this coming school year. 

For additional information on dates and locations, please visit the Supplies for Scholars webpage.


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Portrait Gift Card ($15.00)
Haircut ($15.00)
Toiletry Kit ($10.00)
Backpack ($25.00)
Trapper Keeper ($15.00)
Notebook ($1.50)
Ruler ($1.00)
Pack of Crayons ($1.50)
Pack of Pencils ($1.00)
Glue Stick ($1.00)
Eraser ($1.00)
Scissors ($2.00)
3-Ring Binder ($5.00)
Your Donation Total: $0.00

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